Why You Should Provide an Android Event App to Your Attendees

As an event organizer, you may already be looking for solutions such as an Android event app. After all, the event app is one of the most coveted solutions used by event agencies and top organisers today. Why, you may ask? It’s because almost everybody has mobile phones. By providing attendees an app that they can simply download to their mobile devices, your attendees can masterfully navigate their way through your event. Here are three specific reasons why you should provide your attendees this type of mobile app:

  1. It impresses your attendees.

Foremost, an event planning software and event app would impress your attendees. They can enjoy various features of the software such as reading through your event website and registering online for your events. Furthermore, giving them the chance to download an app with various features would make them feel like you’re a modern event organizer with the most updated tools. For example, if you are organizing an exhibit in a massive venue, you can provide an interactive floor map straight from the app instead of distributing printed maps on the day of your event.

  1. It’s healthier for the environment.

Touching on the topic of printing event materials, it is also healthier for the environment to provide a mobile app instead of printing several paraphernalia such as a welcome pack or event guide. If you are organizing an event for thousands of attendees, imagine the amount of paper you would be able to save. The lesser paper you use, the more you help save more trees.

  1. It increases attendee engagement.

Last but not the least, using an event app increases attendee engagement. There are various features that can be found within an event app such as a messaging platform, 1-2-1 meeting scheduler, gamification tabs, agenda builder, live polls and Q&A. During your event, if you would want to solicit information from your attendees, you can simply ask them to participate in the live polls or Q&A. You may even ask them to fill out a post-event survey straight from the app.

Moreover, you can use push notifications to further engage your attendees. On the day of your event, you can send real time updates, announcements, and event activities by simply going to the push notifications section of the software. Your attendees will receive the notifications on the spot as long as they are connected to the internet.

If you would like to find out more about the desktop solution, instead of the event app, you can read more about the event management software.