3 Things You Can Do with a Mobile Event Management App

For this short features article, a mobile event management app is defined as an onsite registration and event check-in app. What is it exactly? It’s a mobile application that event organisers can download to mobile devices to take care of attendees’ registration and check-in for events. You simply do not have to worry about these cumbersome processes when there is a software that can automate everything for you.

If you have been looking for this type of mobile corporate event software application, here are three features that might interest you:

  1. Manage your guest list

Through a mobile event management app, you can easily manage your guest lists for your events. This is advantageous if you host several events in a year since you will have a large attendee database to work on. If you are still employing paper-based processes for registration and check-in, you will be amazed at the functionality of this type of mobile application. You may search for attendees by name, edit their user details, and confirm or cancel their status from one place. If you are holding simultaneous events at the same facility, you may also pull up different guest lists through the app. Here you can learn more about how use an online registration software.

  1. Read QR Codes on Tickets

Unbeknownst to a lot of event organisers, attendee tickets can now be read straight from a mobile device such as a smartphone. As long as the mobile event management app has a dedicated QR reader, your check-in staff won’t have any trouble allowing attendees entry into the venue. You may simply turn on the QR reader at the press of a button, position the camera right in front of the code while following on-screen guidelines, and voila, your guest’s attendance is confirmed in a matter of seconds.

  1. Accommodate last-minute registrations

Lastly, a mobile event management app can be used for last-minute registrations. For guests who have decided to register only on the day of your event, the app allows easy data entry. Some mobile applications of this type are integrated with different payment virtual event platform for easier payments. If not, you can always accept cash payments or let attendees pay by credit card through your terminal.

Those are only three of the top features of a mobile event management app. If you have been meaning to invest in one for your events, try to ask your event management software provider if they are already offering this solution. You may also read more about event check in apps.