3 Additional Features of Mobile Apps for Events

For the purpose of clarity, mobile apps for events in this article refer to the “event app” for delegates. They should not be confused with mobile apps that are used by event organisers.

If you are still on the fence whether you should be investing in an event mobile application for your attendees, here are three additional features that may prod you to look for a provider right away:

1.) An event app may let your attendees keep track of their diary.

This feature of mobile apps for events is one of the most practical for conferences and other events where attendees have to stick to a rigid schedule. Through the mobile app, attendees can easily see the daily program. In cases of arranged meetings, they will be able to see their agenda and with whom they are going to meet. The diary may also show an hourly agenda and can be connected to the app’s push notifications system. This way, your attendees will be reminded that their attendance is required somewhere. That is one of the most important things that can do for you an event management app.

2.) An event app gives attendees access to the floor plan.

Mobile apps for events are especially helpful for events with big venues. More information here about venues event management. In the case of trade exhibitions where there are multiple stands, having access to the floor plan may help attendees know where to go. The app will practically function like a map where various areas of the venue are labeled accordingly. Attendees won’t have to go to the customer service desk if they get lost. They simply have to get their mobile phone and check where their current location is.

3.) An event app may support in-app messaging.

Last but not the least, mobile apps for events may support networking platforms such as messaging systems. This is one of the most coveted functions of mobile apps since it allows attendees to interact with one another. In the case of business conferences, this feature is very helpful since it allows attendees to virtually meet prospective buyers, business partners, and mentors.

Those are only three of the myriads of functions that your attendees may enjoy with mobile apps for events. If you think it can help you reach your goals for your next events, start doing your research and look for a reliable application provider. Here you can find complete event planning solutions financially friendly. Try to compare features and prices as best as you can.