How to Look for an Android App Event Planning Solution

The need to go mobile is one reason why many event organisers are looking for an Android app event planning solution. Most project managers are away from their desks and it is important to look for ems event management solutions that they can bring with them in their pockets. If you are organising an event yourself, you may find it helpful if the event management software you are using can be accessed straight from your phone. Besides you can learn more about how an event management software can be integrated with an app.

Here are four specific tips on how to look for the best event app:

  1. Consider the desktop version

The best mobile solutions are derived from reliable desktop software. As you conduct your research, look for the best-rated software and try to see if they have optimised their products for mobile use. This will easily cut down your research time as there are many industry leading brands that have proven to be effective for the last years.

  1. Search for app review websites

If you are specifically looking for an Android app event planning solution, check Google’s Play Store or look for app review websites where you will find honest evaluations of the different choices at your disposal. Explore several event planning app reviews here. Be critical as you go through the different reviews and try to take it all in – the good and the bad. If you are complacent with your research, you may be swayed by biased reviews and this will affect your expectations for the app. You would not want to invest your money in an app that has not been thoroughly tested by a wide user base.

  1. Take advantage of free trials

If there’s a possibility that you can avail of a free trial as you look for an Android app event planning solution, then do it. This is one of the best ways by which you can assess the different functions of a mobile app. Just be wary of free trial offers that would already require you to enter your credit card details. If you are not careful, you will automatically pay for the app once the trial period is over. Make sure that you go over the fine print when trying out products for free.

  1. Observe quality of customer service

Lastly, an Android app event planning solution provider should also come from a place of integrity and great customer service. Try to see if they are attentive to your queries and if they can personalise the app for you. A good sign of high quality customer service is promptness and personalised service. If their mobile software is scalable, they can easily add new modules for you. In summary, technology used in events can help you to increase the engagement of your customers.